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    ServiceMix Performance Recommendations

    Sterling Smith Newbie

      I know this topic is broad and a specific answer will be difficult, but wanted to ask the Fuse team here about some high level things we can look at for our project.



      We are, through a workflow activity that uses a WSDL import, sending a Soap call to a service to do work. Historically, we called the Axis server where the service was hosted. Performance was predictable and appropriate given the configuration.


      Now, we implemented a cxf provider/consumer proxy component on the bus that in turn makes the call to the Axis server. We are finding that performance gets very inconsistent when we hit a certain number. We are simply talking about making 10 concurrent calls before things get scary...hardly a performance load issue in my mind.


      Is there anything from a ServiceMix perspective we can look at to determine if something could be choking it. I know, super high level. We have looked at the properties file (and did bump up some of the jbi settings) but that's about it.


      I'm keeping this a bit vague to see what on the bus side could impact performance. It's clear to us that some of the issue could be between the workflow server and the bus itself (although keep in mind if the server is pointed back to the Axis server it behaves appropriately).


      Behavior wise we don't lose events or information but seems to hang or get sluggish on a magnitude of minutes. We are not using ActiveMQ at this time.