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    ActiveMQ, profile/load/stress tool/software.

    Peter Chandler Master

      1. I am interested in capabilities/limits of ActiveMQ. Is there a published report that give ActiveMQ performance numbers? Example: Messages per second as a function of message size?


      2. If I wanted to do my own ActiveMQ performance test is there a standard JMS (activeMQ) load/stress test tool/software out there? Of course I can write one myself for the N th time. So does anyone know of a tool that does JMS  load/stress testing?


      Some example test parameter I am interested in:

         1. Large number of topics

         2. High bandwidth producers

         3. n=2,3 broker forwarding

         4. Large number of consumers

         5. Messages size

         6. Measured latencies

         7. Missed messages

         8. VM vs TCP transport effect

         9. Persistence .vs. non-Persistence

        10. Topic .vs. Queue.