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    Infinite message redelivery policy

    Venkata Kanugula Newbie

      Hi tech guys,


      Active MQ 5.4


      prefetch = 5000


      We use multiple consumers polling on the same Queue for High availability/Failover. Message sequence is important to us. So we are sticking constant Message Group to all messages. We don't care which consumer picks it. All we want is the same consumer should pick them in the same message sequence, until that consumer dies. When we rollback the message with the setting maxRedeliveries=-1, do you move the message to end of stack? Is there a chance that you skip failed message and pick next message?


      I searched the entire Active MQ documents to find out what happens with maxRedeliveries=-1. It says it redeliveres a failed message infinite times. But it doesn't say clearly whether it will remove the message and put it at the end of the stack.


      Let me know if you need any more information.