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      Hi all,


      I'm using SMX 4.3.1 and i have a WAR deployed in SMX and it work fine!

      For that i need to use OsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext class that is in spring-osgi-core (version 1.2.1) to start web.xml configurations.

      spring-osgi and all related jars (spring-osgi-web,spring-osgi-io,spring-osgi-web-extender) use Spring 2.5.6.SEC01 version (referenced in pom.xml) and this forces me to use Spring 2.5.6.SEC01 in all my related bundles i use with the WAR, other way the Flex Servlet inside the WAR doesn't even start.

      spring-osgi is from 2009, it is possible to be updated soon? Maybe for Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE?




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