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    CXF to CAMEL route for content based routing.

    Greg Davidson Newbie

      I've been looking for an example where a CXF based web service can route to a camel route.  I'm using (apache-servicemix-4.3.0-fuse-03-00).  I was hoping to deploy it using OSGI, not JBI.


      Basically I want to expose a WSDL...no bid deal, just use the CXF/Spring/Fuse/Maven tools and generate a web service...just like the provided example.  But how do I push the content from the web service call to a camel route?  Then in the camel route I want to look at the content and route the message based on the content.  I didn't see any examples or anything that looked like it would work in (<jaxws:endpoint>) Spring configuration.


      Is this not a common use case?