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    Removing adoption hurdles - Camel/Karaf bundle/installer

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      Do you guys have any plans to release Fuse Mediation Broker as a ready to use package?


      After discovering Camel I spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to deploy it (OSGI vs Tomcat vs JBoss), reading up on OSGi, and trying to understand the differences between Apache Felix, Aries and Karaf.  This was a big distraction considering I just wanted to do a simple proof of concept to route and transform some files from one directory to another.


      To the end user, all those details should be unimportant during the initial stages. Flexibility and power are great in some cases, but it can also get in the way.  I ended up having to spend quite a bit of time futzing around before I figured out that I needed to configure Karaf/Maven with the credentials to get through the corporate firewall before I could install the features that wanted to use.


      I noticed that one of your competitors has released a product that actually bundles Karaf and Camel together, hence eliminating the first hurdle.  It would be great if you guys could leapfrog them by providing an even more seamless out of the box experience. 


      Apart from the bundling the next thing I would hope to see is an installer that simplifies the process of setting up karaf as a service, installing the webconsole, and configuring the default admin user and port.  See the Tomcat 7 installer on windows as a perfect example of what the experience should be like. Combine this with your work on Fuse IDE for Camel and you guys would have a killer combo for quickly getting started with simple integration projects.


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