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    XA transactions support with FuseESB 4.3?

    Janne Mattila Newbie

      What's the big picture about FuseESB 4.3 and XA transactions?


      Say I'm creating an integration solution which reads data from JMS, does some routing / transforming / processing with Camel, stores some data in DB, and sends data over e.g. FTP. Do all the components of Fuse ESB (ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, Camel, ...) support XA transactions out of the box?


      Reason I'm asking is because some parts of Fuse documentation say XA transactions are supported: http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.3.1/esb_deploy_osgi/ESBOSGiIntro-Txn.html

      "Figure 1.2 shows an overview of the OSGi transaction architecture in Fuse ESB. The core of the architecture is a JTA transaction manager based on Apache Geronimo, which exposes various transaction interfaces as OSGi services." (what? FuseESB comes bundled with Geronimo? Or comes bundled with own transaction manager, based on Geronimo's transaction manager?)


      And some parts seem to say XA is not supported: http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.3.1/camel_tx/TxnDemarcation-ByMarking.html "If you need to access multiple resources, you must deploy your application in a J2EE container, which gives you access to a global transaction manager."