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    Unable to set "StatisticsEnabled" attribute to "true" in JBo

    Mohan Gate Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am new to JBoss AS.

      I have one doubt regarding 'Transaction Manager' configuration in JBoss AS 5.0.

      With default configuration "TransactionCount", "CommitCount", and "RollbackCount" all show 0s as by default "StatisticsEnabled" attribute is set to 'false', I tried to set it to 'true' using jconsole but no success and unable to get the solution after investing one whole day.

      For JBoss AS 4.2.3 I could easily set "StatisticsEnabled" attribute to 'true' in ..conf/jboss-service.xml

      !-- JBoss Transactions JTA -->
       <mbean code="com.arjuna.ats.jbossatx.jta.TransactionManagerService"
       <attribute name="TransactionTimeout">300</attribute>
       <attribute name="StatisticsEnabled>true</attribute>
       <attribute name="ObjectStoreDir">${jboss.server.data.dir}/tx-object-store</attribute>

      I found that for JBoss As 5.0 the transaction manager configuration has moved from conf/jboss-service.xml to deploy/transaction-service.xml but unable to set "StatisticsEnabled" attribute to 'true'.

      So please help me!!!

      Any help will be appreciated!!!


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          Ales Justin Master

          What's the problem that prevents you from setting this flag?
          Afaik the service code didn't change, hence the flag should still be there.

          <property name="statisticsEnabled>true</property>

          attribute --> property
          S --> s

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            Mohan Gate Newbie

            Hi Ales,

            Thank you very much for your reply!!!

            Your reply helped me to solve my problem, actually I was using "StatisticsEnabled" instead of "statisticsEnabled", a silly mistake I was doing.

            Anyways I learned a lot of new things about JBoss while searching for solution...

            I appreciate.