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    Opening Source Code in Eclipse

    Wayne Irwin Newbie

      I have downloaded the latest source code version of FuseSource CXF.


      I followed the instructions at http://fusesource.com/docs/framework/2.3/install_guide/IGFSFSrcUnpackBuild.html


      I ran into some problems that I will open a different thread on related to missing Plexus-IO classes, but got past them.


      Want I can't figure out is I want to use Eclipse to browse through the code and possibly set breakpoints.


      I have used the command mvn eclipse:eclipse at the root of the expanded source code (apache-cxf-2.3.1-fuse-01-00-src) and it created the eclipse project metadata. But now I am having a hard time getting the projects loaded into Eclipse.


      I am looking for some pointers on how to load the source projects into Eclipse.





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