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    What is the Published Address

    Wayne Irwin Newbie

      I know this is a newbie question, but I cannot find the answer.


      I have built a simple service and deployed it as a bundle which exposes a web service.


      I see the following entry in the log


      Setting the server's publish address to be /testDiagnostic | Logger(org.apache.cxf.endpoint.ServerImpl) Thread(SpringOsgiExtenderThread-8)



      I would like to use SOAPUI to test this service, but I cannot find the full url address.


      I assume that the service is published to the PAX

      I am using the webconsole and I can successfully open that at http://localhost:26109/system/console/


      I have tried





      and all report 404 Not found errors.


      How can I find the address it is publilshed at? 

      Once I find it, does it support the testDiagnostic?wsdl  url?