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    Fuse 4.1.3 - cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-package EXAMPLE DOES NOT WORK

    Theokritos Zafeiriou Newbie

      Dear all,


      Excuse my very preliminary question but I am new to the Fuse area. I have followed step by step all the instructions written in the README file of cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-package example but still I am not able to bind the service from URL http://localhost:8092/PersonService?wsdl OR http://my_ip:8092/PersonService?wsdl. The two bundles created both seem to be active but not started (I don't know if this is required) and I have also set the locationURI ="http://localhost:8092/PersonService?wsdl". The port is free but I cannot display this port on a -netstat. It seems that the localhost or the port are not in use. How can I get started with this example as I am only supposed to build and deploy it?


      PS Fuse logs are clear, there is no exception or error.