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    IllegalArgumentException in camel route

    Daryl Hoyt Newbie

      Hi All,


          I am new to Servicemix, and I am trying to create take a SOAP request, log the request, route it to another server to handle it, and log the response value.  The problem is when I try it, I end up getting "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: host parameter is null".  When I looked into it, I found that there was an issue with this in 2.1 and 2.2, but fixed in 2.3.0 (CAMEL-2510).  I am currently using apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-00-00.  Below is my camel-context and the configure method (I tried both the XML and Java DSL).  Any help in resolving this issue or providing a workaround would be very appreciated.





      Daryl Hoyt














          public void configure() throws Exception