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    Send SOAP Payload To Web Service In camel-context.xml Without Java

    Chris Moody Newbie

      I am trying to use Camel to send a SOAP message to an existing web service.  The web service has an existing WSDL, and the body of the message will be in an ActiveMQ queue as a byte array.  I would like to take that byte array and put it in the proper SOAP envelop as the body and specify the SOAP header, to, etc in the camel-context.xml without writing any Java or other code. 


      The Camel-CXF documentation I read seems to indicate that if you have a WSDL and use the PAYLOAD delivery option that you don't need a class.  However, I have not yet come across an example that does this without coding some Java or other language.


      It would be OK to use Simple or some other language like that as long as all the changes occur in the camel-context.xml.


      I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me on this.  Thanks!