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    Questions:  persistence TTL

    Peter Chandler Master

      Broker persistence after a restart:

      1. Behavior: persistence="false", All Unread messages are lost?

      2. Behavior: persistence="true", Unread messages on persistence destinations (i.e., messages on queues and persistence topics) are restored?


      Queue Depth:

      1. Is there away to set queue depth (Max number of unread messages on a queue)?


      DB Configuration:

      1. The default db is Kaha? Does it need to be configured (spring entry)?


            <kahaPersistenceAdapter directory="activemq-data" maxDataFileLength="33554432"></kahaPersistenceAdapter>


      Time-to-live TTL:

      1. If there is no consumer on a JMS queue will a TTL messages expire. (be removed from the db)? issue

      2. Is there a way to set TTL on a queue (Example: only keep one hours worth of messages in this queue)?