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    Need "cxf:cxfEndpoint" clarification

    atlantix Newbie



      I have created a wsdl file

      and then I have created the web service using wsdl-first archetype,

      I built my project and implemented a Java class ex.tuto.exercice.MDMServerSoapImpl that impelements a interface generated with the code gen plugin

      I added the following in my beans.xml file





      and I added the following annotations to my Impl class

      // START SNIPPET: e1





      is this correct ?

      My understanding is that by adding the cxf endpoint and the route, camel route will be listening to any SOAP call to cxf/MDMServerSoapService  that I have specified in the cxf endpoint address , and then the route will save the body of the query in the file endpoint

      if this is correct then I see its not working ...


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          Willem Jiang Master



          The serviceClass attribute of the cxfEndpoint is for the SEI (Service Endpoint Interface). It can't be the implementation class.


          You can find some example to how to use the camel-cxf endpoint here[1][2]






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            atlantix Newbie

            first thanks for the answer, BUT I think your answer is not really consistent with the example given in the link you sent me



            I see that the serviceClass="org.apache.camel.example.cxf.provider.GreeterProvider"

            is actually a class, you can check that in the source code


            I also replaced the Impl class with the interface but still not working



            so here the cxf-example I was following



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              Willem Jiang Master

              What's the stack trace?

              Are you try to process the SOAP message with the WebServiceProvider ?

              You can find the example here[1]





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                atlantix Newbie

                Actually , there were no errors

                seems that the route is not called at all


                when I send a SOAP query using SOAPUI the service is running (Response is sent back to soapui and I successfully could debug the service)


                what I want actually is to intercept the call to do something before it hit my Service implementation (example throttling / validation or anything before hitting my service)



                Please again that same link that you sent me is what I am following







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                  atlantix Newbie

                  Here is a better explanation of my problem:




                  I have a running webservice that I created using wsdl-first archetype

                  to deploy this webservice I did the following



                  I created a jax ws endpoint


                  <jaxws:endpoint id="HTTPEndpoint" implementor="ex.tuto.exercice.MDMServerSoapImpl"

                  address="/MDMServerSoapService" wsdlLocation="wsdl/FBN.wsdl"

                  endpointName="e:MDM_ServerSoap" serviceName="s:MDM_Server"

                  xmlns:e="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" xmlns:s="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" />


                  <jaxws:endpoint id="HTTPEndpoint12" implementor="ex.tuto.exercice.MDMServerSoapImpl"

                  address="/MDMServerSoapService" wsdlLocation="wsdl/FBN.wsdl"

                  endpointName="e:MDM_ServerSoap12" serviceName="s:MDM_Server"

                  xmlns:e="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" xmlns:s="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" />



                  Line: -


                  then my web service is running and I can access its wsdl by doing this



                  I also dont know any way to configure the default 8181 port et the /cxf


                  Now here is what I want to do :


                  I want to intercept any call to this webservice usng camel,

                  do some checks edit the SOAP message and then foward to the original class , my jax ws existing service will run normally as if it recieved a regular SOAP query



                  I created a route from cxf:bean:HTTPEndpoint ---> didnt work


                  I added a cxf endpoint as follow

                          <cxf:cxfEndpoint id="soapMessageEndpoint"




                            endpointName="e:MDM_ServerSoap" serviceName="s:MDM_Server"

                            xmlns:e="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" xmlns:s="http://www.multispeak.org/Version_4.1_Release" />



                  ---> still didnt work



                  what worked for me is the following




                                      .process(new Processor() {

                                           public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {

                                                InputStream in = (InputStream) exchange.getIn()


                                                String soapMessage = org.apache.camel.component.cxf.util.CxfUtils


                                                org.w3c.dom.Document doc = XMLUtils.parse(soapMessage);

                                                // String formattedBlock =

                                                // XMLUtils.toString(doc.getElementsByTagName("ver:FormattedBlockNotification").item(0));


                                                String soapBody = XMLUtils.toString(doc







                                      }).unmarshal(jaxb).process(new Processor() {

                                           public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {

                                                FormattedBlockNotification formattedBlockNotification = (FormattedBlockNotification) exchange



                                                Message out = exchange.getOut();


                                                //out.setHeader(CxfConstants.OPERATION_NAME, "FormattedBlockNotification" );


                                                out.setBody(new Object[]{formattedBlockNotification.getChangedMeterReads(),formattedBlockNotification.getTransactionID()});







                  but the .to("cxf:bean:soapMessageEndpoint");  didnt seem to to run correctly





                  Any advice ??


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                    atlantix Newbie

                    seems that what  I want to do is not doable ,


                    I cant have a cxf endpoint and jaxws endpoint pointing the same addresse

                    the jaxws endpoint is always being called/

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                      Willem Jiang Master

                      Why do you want to put the cxf endpoint and jaxws endpoint at the same address?

                      It's not making any sense.


                      cxfEndpoint can help you route the message into camel route, and you can do the same thing by create a camel context inside the jaxws implementation.


                      If you just want to handle the request message in some kind of low level (without marshaling the request into a method invocation) you can use the camel-jetty to deal with the http transport and leave the message processing in the camel route.



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                        atlantix Newbie

                        correct it makes no sense

                        I ended up using jetty endpoint


                        the idea behind it was the following


                        I have developed a ws and configured it with  jaxws ,


                        SOAP Query -

                        > JAXWS -

                        > Response




                        I wanted to keep what I have already and add an interceptor that just check my soap query and then either send



                        SOAP Query -

                        > CAMEL  -

                        >Edited SOAP Query----

                        > JAXWS -

                        > Resp.




                                                   OTHER STUFF


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