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    ANN: Habari ActiveMQ Client 2.7 - for Free Pascal and Delphi

    Michael Justin Novice

      March 1, 2011 - habarisoft is pleased to announce release 2.7 of its client library for FUSE Message Broker and Apache ActiveMQ.


      Habari JMS Client libraries provide access to standards-based, enterprise quality solutions for distributed messaging. Delphi and Free Pascal applications now can take advantage of open source message broker technology, which is



      • Distributed


      • Loosely Coupled


      • Reliable


      • Asynchronous


      and build integrated systems, connecting clients using the peer-to-peer or the publish and subscribe communication model.



      Home Page:



      Habari ActiveMQ Client - Getting Started (PDF):



      Habari ActiveMQ Client - API documentation





      Michael Justin

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