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    WS-NOTIFICATION for Fuse ESB 4.3.1

    tejas_tejas.rajpura Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am using "Servicemix_4.3.1_fuse_00-00" for implementing WS-Notification. i observed that "servicemix-wsn2005, 2011.01.0.fuse-00-00" suports it. i am a new to ESB.


      - i want to prepare robust event handling application. WSN example using JBI bundle is not working in fuse 4.3.1. "wsn-cxf-binding" bundle is working partially, i can execute createPullPoint, Subscribe, Notify but getMessages are not working. please suggest.


      - i have C++ Publisher and C++ Subscriber. current compnent supports "simple" dialect only. i want to support other dialect also. how to achieve it ?


      - can i see the source code of "servicemix-wsn2005, 2011.01.0.fuse-00-00" ? if yes. how ?


      - if possible please provide reffereces, examples.


      Waiting for reply,