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    Features could not be resolved

    Dhivya Swaminathan Newbie

      Hi i am using Apache-Servicemix 4.2.0.I have created a custom repository and added it to my features list.When I attempt to install it thru karaf,i am getting an error


      Error executing command: URL mvn:org.apache.karaf/apache-karaf/2.0.0-fuse-00-00/xml/features could not be resolved. : mvn:org.apache.karaf/apache-karaf/2.0.0-fuse-00-00/xml/features


      I have already searches for the forums related to tis but not able to figure out.


      Same error is reflecting when I attempt to install webconsole ie hitting "features:install webconsole also gives me the same error.,Please refer screenshots for more info.