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    How can I validate a REST payload with its xsd using cxfrs?

    Miguel Angel Cogolludo Newbie



      I use camel cxfrs to build REST servers.

      Cxfrs is very powerful. It takes a REST request and maps it to the definition of the resource class.

      So for building a REST server all you need to do is defining the operations in the resource class

      and writing an osgi bundle with a camel route that consumes from cxfrs component.


      cxfrs "magically" fits the request in with the parameters of the resource operation.

      My question is: Is there any way to instruct cxfrs to validate the REST request payload with an xsd?


      Thank you in advance,



      the code below illustrates the way I write REST servers



      public class ServiceRouter extends RouteBuilder {

         public void configure() throws Exception {









      public class MyResource {

                  public MyResource() {}



                  public void apply (MyRequestType payload,   // MyRequestType class was generated from and xsd

                              @QueryParam("Application") String application,                      

                              @Context HttpServletRequest request) {}