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    Fragment not attaching to Host Bundle (commons-dbcp)

    Daryl Olson Newbie

      I have a fragment, "DBCP Postgres Driver Fragment", that is suppose to attach to the host bundle ("Apache ServiceMix :: Bundles :: commons-dbcp (").


      I did my development on Window 7 using "apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-00-00". I had everything running fine.


      Here's the relavent data from the "osgi:list":


      [] [] Apache ServiceMix :: Bundles :: commons-dbcp (

      Fragments: 496




      [] [] NE Services :: DBCP Postgres Driver Fragment (1.0.02.SNAPSHOT)

      Hosts: 207


      Everything works fine here.


      I am now trying to deploy to Linux using "apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-01-09" (I can't find a "apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-00-00" download). One problem I am having is that the "commons-dbcp" host does not attach the fragment "Postgres Driver Fragment".


      From the "osgi:list" on the Linux box:


      [] [] Apache ServiceMix :: Bundles :: commons-dbcp (


      [] [] NE Services :: DBCP Postgres Driver Fragment (1.0.02.SNAPSHOT)

      Hosts: 205


      Notice that there is no "Hosts:" below the "[205]" entry.


      Viewing Id = 205 in the "Felix Web Console" confirms that is not attached and no Postgres imports are present.


      I checked the "PostgreSQL JDBC4 Drivercom.springsource.org.postgresql.jdbc4" bundles on both installations and they look the same and both are active.


      The only differences I can see are:


      1) Operating systems


      2) ESB versions


      3) The way they were installed (I haven't mentioned this previously):


      3.1) On the Windows/"apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-00-00":


      osgi:install mvn:ca.ne2.integration/neis-dbcp-postgresql-jdbc-fragment/1.0.02-SNAPSHOT


      3.2) Linux/"apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-01-09":


      osgi:install file:///home/servicemix/jars/ne-dbcp-postgresql-jdbc-fragment-1.0.02-SNAPSHOT.jar


      I don't have access to the maven repository from the Linux box.


      Any ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated.


      I would like to try this on a Linux version of "apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-00-00". Any idea on where I can find this.