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    beginner help - Searching secure REST service wth a HttpProviderMarshaler

    Sean K Newbie

      Hi I am a newbie to ServiceMix and Fuse.

      I've been thrown into a project which uses FUSE serviceMix 3.5.

      The person --in the company -- who is helping me is so busy that it is so difficult to get help.


      He setup a derived class of DefaultHttpProviderMarshaler  with these overridden methods:








      I need to make a SSL call to a HTTPS REST web service using a client side sw certificate.  It is using the javax.net.ssl.keyStore and javax.net.ssl.trustStore with a pkcs12 type sw certificate.


      In the createRequest function:


        public void createRequest(final MessageExchange exchange,

                final NormalizedMessage inMsg,

                final SmxHttpExchange httpExchange) throws Exception



      I set the httpExchange.setURL and setURI of the REST http get call  (eg. https://myrestserver.com/search?title=foo&start=0&count=100).



      But I am not sure how to load the client side certificates.   I tried to set the System.property (key, value) with the appropriate sets ("javax.net.ssl.keyStoreType", 'pkcs12") but that did not succeed.


      Anyone have any pointers or guide to doing this?


      I dont have a lot of time to learn everything about ServiceMix but I just need to get this done really soon.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Please send responses to :sk92129@gmail.com