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    cxf jms nmr + persistence

    popweb Newbie


      I am trying to develop asynchromous cxf sevice with message persistence on servicemix


      My current scenario now looks:

      1. cxf channel is exposed through http

      2. cxf channel requests are forwarded to (jms? nmr?)

      3. cxf adapter is exposed and receives messages through (jms? nmr?)

      4. responses from cxf adapter are sent back the same way asynchromously


      My question is which concept is right in order to provide points 2 and 3.


      If I will use only jms I don't have the contract on the adapter site and I have to implement validation manually.


      If I will use only nmr, the contract exists but nmr persistence, monitoring, transactions are going to be complicated or unvailable.


      Maybe the solution is to combine both jms and nmr together?:

      cxf channel -> nmr -> jms -> nmr ->cxf adapter


      My question is also related to unanswared post