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    cxf-bc samples

    llwang0455 Newbie

      Hi ,

      I want to get a full example of the deploy file about the cxf-bc,I have one which is packaged as jbi pattern.


      But when I deployed it in servicemix 4.2.0 ,the busCfg attribute of the cxfbc didn't work and throwed an exeception.I want to know how to config jetty thread pool size in smx4 to improve the performance ,if using providedBus attribute,how to write the xbean.xml file ,and the pom.xml file (add which dependencies ?).


      The attach is my deploy file , how to edit it so that it can be deployed successfully in servicemix 4.2.0? I tried to edit it many times,unfortunately,it didn't work.


      Would anyone who can give me a help? Thank a bunch!!

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          llwang0455 Newbie

          Hi, I wrote a test case by osgi packaging,and I also config the jetty thread pool size by using an xml file,but it seamed not in action .

          would anyone who helps me to look at it to see if there is something I config wrong?



          The attach file is the deploy file in servicemix4.2.0_home\deploy folder.

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            Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



            Some notes.


            1. As you mentioned you're using OSGi package, so you shouldn't comment out

            from META-INF/spring/beans.xml

            2. You'd better also put jettyConfig.xml into META-INF/spring folder


            3. why you say your jetty thread pool configuration takes no effect?


            4.  4.2 is quite old version so I strongly suggest you should use latest release from fuse[1]





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              llwang0455 Newbie

              Hi, thanks very much for your continually answers! As your notes,I put my notion as follows,hope your attention.


              1. If I don't comment the bean "",

              then  in the log file it will has an exception that the provider's endpoint key

              is already bounded.

              2.Ok,I will modify it.

              3.I did the same test as before(jetty thread pool size not configged),but the errors appreared in two minitues as well,unfortunately.It has almost the same test result as not adding configurations.

              4.I will use the newest version.


              Thanks a lot.

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                Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



                1."an exception that the provider's endpoint key

                is already bounded"

                means you already deploy a bundle which has a JBI endpoint with same service/endpoint name with the one from this bundle, you should find it out and fix it but not  comment out ""


                3.What's the error appreared in two minitues?

                I guess you do some performance test but it may involve several other configuration(thread pool configuration for JBI compoment and JBI/NMR, etc), generally you can't easily determine the jetty thread pool not take effect, right?


                If you just wanna know if jettyConfig get picked up, you can configure it with some obvious feature like SSL, so that a client without SSL can't connect it at all, take a look at to get more details





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                  llwang0455 Newbie

                  Hello,again thanks first!


                  I understand your meaning of the comment out bean,I will change it.


                  When I do load test ,in two minitues,the test tool shows some errors and failed transaction,it is that some requests can't not arrive the destination(the connection refused exception),and the other is the http destination can't be accessed,I use 600 threads concurrent.


                  Do you mean that I should add some config files like org.apache.servicemix.nmr.cfg and

                  org.apache.servicemix.components.cxfbc.cfg in the smx_home\etc folder,and I also can config the jetty thread pool size in each bundle? Or I  only config the global files is ok?


                  Hope your reply!

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                    Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



                    I believe you need fine-tuned both if you wanna a good performance.



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                      llwang0455 Newbie

                      Thank you!

                      I will try it.

                      Btw,I test the concurrent 600 threads,what size do you think I should config of the maxThreads in jettyConfig.xml ? And also the corePoolSize and the queuesize?



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                        llwang0455 Newbie

                        Why the exception occured when the minthreads attribute in jetty thread pool size configuration being setted larger than 250?