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    Logging an error with exception and message

    Graham Perkins Newbie

      If this is in the FAQ, please tell me where the FAQ is!


      I can't seem to get both the message body and the exception text value into the logs.  The route is really simple - just puts a message through an XSD validation:






      And I want to trap failed validation and dump info to log. 










      but that only logs the message body.  The logStackTrace(true) has no effect, I guess  because the dead letter handler has "handled" the exception and discarded the trace.  If I set handled(false) then the message is logged to MyLog and the stack trace is logged to DeadLetterChannel and GenericFileOnCompletion, but the route retries indefinitely.


      Exception Handler Approach








      This is the only way I've managed to get both the original data and the exception message into the logs.  But they appear as two separate entries - which could be hard to correlate in a heavily loaded production environment.


      Does anyone know if there is a simple way to create a log entry containing the original message and the exception message?  Or do I just have to forward it to a custom Process and do my own logging?




      P.S. my code indentation above has disappeared .. is there a markup like html

      or snipsnap  to keep literal text?