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    stomp exception when configuring failover URL

    Tianchi Li Newbie



      I am using ServiceMix ESB, version: apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-01-09 and activemq 5.4.2.fuse-03-09 and trying to set up failover for two queues using JDBC lock system. On the PHP client side, I used the following command to make a connection:


      $con=new stomp("failover://(tcp://localhost:61213,tcp://");


      It works perfectly.


      But when I tried to use more than one transport options like:


      $con=new stomp("failover://(tcp://localhost:61213,tcp://");


      It throws an exception:

      StompException: Bad Broker URL failover://(tcp://localhost:61213,tcp://


      Anyone has idea on how to fix it?