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    cxfbc jetty config problem

    llwang0455 Newbie


      I have a problem about the jettyConfiguration when using cxf bingding component to proxy webservice.


      I used the latest version of fuse fuse 4.3.1,and I config the jetty thread properties for improving the performance of fuse.

      The jettyConfig.xml file is as follows:



         <http:destination name="PrintServiceHttpPortEBUS0303-01-20110425-0001.http-destination">



      and in the beans.xml file ,the cxfbc consumer element used the bean id="cxf" as the providedBus's reference.


      The problem is when the value of minThreads attribute in threadingParameters greater than 250, it will throw an exception ,said that the minThreads is bigger than the maxThreads of the pool. I want to know where can I set the thread pool size,and what is the default value ?

      Btw, is this a method to improve the performance? or should I config other properties of jetty?


      Waiting for your reply!!


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