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    ActiveMQ - Too Many KahaDB Log Files

    Chris Moody Newbie

      In my ActiveMQ setup I have a few dozen queues and in a few of those queues some of the messages are not consumed for a long time.  In my KahaDB log files a file will hang around as long as at least one message in it has not been consumed.  This means I have a bunch of 32MB log files hanging around because maybe one message in it is still active.


      I would like to change my ActiveMQ configuration somehow so that I don't have as much wasted disk space tied up in these KahaDB log files.  I have seen some people on the Internet mention that they have reconfigured their KahaDB logs to be by queue and not for the system as a whole; I think that would be a good solution for my problem.  Another solution would be if there is a way to "compact" the existing log files.


      I would appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction here.  If there is some documentation on how to set up the KahaDB log files to be by queue I would appreciate it if someone would give me the URL.  If there is a better solution I would appreciate knowing that as well.


      Thanks for any information you can provide!