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    ManagedService fails to register

    sandi dahl Newbie

      I am building an example ManagedService and using a BundleActivator to start the service. However, the bundle header does not show the bundle-activator and the start method is never called. There are no errors or exceptions when the bundle is installed using osgi:install -s mvn:com.mycompany/managed-service-example/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

      I am using apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-01-09.


      Here is the manifest:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0

      Export-Package: mycompany.service;uses:="mycompany.logging,org.osgi.


      Built-By: sdahl

      Tool: Bnd-1.15.0

      Bundle-Name: MyCompany :: Sample managed service

      Created-By: Apache Maven Bundle Plugin

      Bundle-Vendor: MyCompany

      Build-Jdk: 1.6.0_24

      Bundle-Version: 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT

      Bnd-LastModified: 1305826046010

      Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2

      Bundle-Activator: mycompany.service.ManagedServiceActivator

      Bundle-Description: This managed service uses config admin to dynamica

      lly change config at run time.

      Import-Package: mycompany.logging,org.apache.log4j.spi;version="[1.2.



      Bundle-SymbolicName: mycompany.managed-service-example



      Will someone please let me know what I'm missing?


      Thanks for your help!



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