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    autoStartup=false starts producer?

    Shilpi Yadav Novice

      I have a bean that manages which routes to start.  The problem is atuoStartup=false only keeps the consumer in the routes 'stopped' but it allows the producer to be 'started'.  Some of these producer routes are actually establishing connection to an interface that I don't want to connect to.  How would I go about defining a route that is not started on the fly and keeps the froms/tos from being started?



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          Claus Ibsen Master

          That was by design as we want to fail fast upon startup if there is something mis configured or whatnot with the routes.


          We may consider adding an alternative option for more fine grained control of auto startup. But the issue is that the current option is a boolean, (not an enum) so its harder to improve that option. And thus an extra option is required which becomes a bit misfortune.