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    Trouble with ODE & Fuse ESB

    Ben Clark Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I would like to know if someone succeeded to follow this tutorial :  http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.3.1/jbi_bpel/index.html


      With Fuse ESB 4.3.1 (this one  http://fusesource.com/product_download/fuse-esb-apache-servicemix/4-3-1-fuse-01-15/windows)  I can't even access to the ODE command shell (ode: then Tab).


      Indeed with a jbi:list command i get :


      Unknown OdeBpelEngine



      And with a jbi:start OdeBpelEngine :

      Error processing OdeBpelEngine: javax.jbi.JBIException: attempt to call start() after init() failure.


      Ok... there I'm blocked