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    Pointers:  AggregationRepository (HawtDB) and Recovery

    Rich Schlegelmilch Newbie

      I have been attempting to use the HawtDB as my AggregationRepository. 


      Here is my scenario:


      1. An aggregation is defined to group messages over a dynamic time-period using completionTimeout(header(TIMEOUT_VALUE).  CompletionTimeout is required due to time sensitive nature of the exchange.


      2. Everything works as expected during the happy-path --


      3. If I stop the process, and restart I see that there is an exchange in the repository, and non-in the repository-completed. 

           - I also see the the INFO: On start-up there are 1 aggregate exchanges (not completed) in the repository -- in my logs.


      4. The aggregation does not complete, once I restart the process.


      5. As I peruse the logs (set to TRACE), I don't see anywhere the exchanges are re-started. The exchanges have not failed,  they just haven't completed yet.


      I'm I missing something?  Do I need to re-inject these non-complete exchanges? 


      I search through the documentation and haven't stumbled upon what I  looking for -- Any pointers would be appreciated.  My aggregation spans a fairly lengthy period,  I don't want to loose the exchanges during maintenance cycles, etc.




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