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    Where is the deploying a REST service into Fuse ESB 4 screencast?

    David Langford Newbie

      On this page http://fusesource.com/google-landing-pages/servicemix-training/ there are 5 quicktime screencasts.


      In screencast number 3 Deploying a Web Service into Fuse ESB 4 (screencast) at the end, Ade mentions that the next screencast will be about a RESTful service.


      But in screencast number 4 Deploying an Enterprise Integration Pattern into Fuse ESB 4 (screencast): Ade says at the beginning that in the previous screencast he showed the RESTful service and this screencast is about the filedrop.


      So it seems like the RESTful screencast is missing.


      Where is the link to the RESTful screencast?


      On a side note I have also found the documentation for Developing RESTful Web Services but I would much prefer a screencast.