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    Return crossdomain.xml for Camel CXF service in Servicemix

    Jake Barry Newbie

      I have created a CXF service in camel and deployed as an OSGI bundle to ServiceMix.  That is working fine.  I am calling the service with a simple Flash/Flex app.  When testing locally, everything works fine.  However, when I try to reach the service from the same Flash app deployed to my web server (different server and domain from ServiceMix), I need there to be a crossdomain.xml file which can be returned from my ServiceMix server.  This is what I don't know how to achieve.


      My service is at: http://address:9000/search/

      I need to be able to return crossdomain.xml from http://address:9000/crossdomain.xml when called from a different domain than where 'address' lives.  I'm sure that I can reach the service because I can invoke it using SoapUI, its just that Flash is wanting the crossdomain file.


      I was able to write a simple route using Jetty which can return the xml but it will only work when the service that I want to run on that port is stopped.  It doesn't seem like I can have two services on the same port.  It seems that either one works or the other, but not both.


      It feels like there should be a simple answer to this, I just cannot figure it out.