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    Drools and Fuse ESB, please advice

    Rogelio Sevilla Novice

      Hello everyone, i need some advice on this:


      I read on the servicemix page about the drools engine and how you can use a jbi component to be able to deploy these rules on servicemix.


      However, I want to use 4.3 version of Fuse ESB  and I don't want to use JBI because I know it's slowly dying.  I was reading about camel and fuse esb and I though it was the best choice,and even better, it can deployed as an osgi bundle. However, my boss likes a lot the drools engine.  so my questios are:



      1.-Is there any way I can use the drools engine on fuse esb as an osgi bundle??


      2.- Is the drools engine a better alternative than Camel??


      Any advice would be appreciated


      Thanks a lot in advance :-D