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    CXF endpoint + publishedEndpointUrl

    Mikael Sundell Newbie

      (I've already posted this in the general FuseESB forum)


      We're using a CXF endpoint which is listening on a private host behind a firewall, as a result the URL generated for the CXF does NOT reflect the URL the external clients needs to use when using the service.


      We've done some experiments with the publishedEndpointUrl without much of success:


      The endpoint for the service:






      We then publish the server with "install -m mvn:..." from our local Archiva.


      We've added the "publishedEndpointUrl" property but for some reason it is ignored when listing the service under http://host:8090/cxf.


      Output "Available SOAP services:" from the cxf page:


      Endpoint address:

      WSDL : AnnotationWSService

      Target namespace: http://service.flow...com/


      (I've removed some company sensitive information from the WSDL and serviceClass)


      We expected the "listering/private IP" 172... to change to "http://www.example.com/services/test"


      Can anyone point us in the right direction?