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    transaction does not commit after server shutsdown

    Hideki Mae Newbie

      To all:
      I use:
      JBoss 3.2.4, Lomboz 2.1.3, Oracle 9i, WinXP
      I have web page project that adds data to a database table and show the contents of the table in the web page. I used CMP beans and I used CMT for my transactions. I tried to test what would happen if I shutdown JBoss. I did the following:
      1. Add data. Once everything goes well I display the table in a web page.
      2. I confirmed that the data shows up in the table.
      3. I turn the JBoss server off.
      4. Turn JBoss back on, and access the web page again and the data that I added is no longer shown.
      Shouldn't the transaction survive the server shutdown?
      If I let the server keep on running the web page will show the new data and the database will get updated.
      Also, I noticed it takes a long time for the database to get updated (~30minutes). Does this have an effect on whether or not the transaction survives a server shutdown?

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.