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    ActiveMQ audit/logging/resubmission web tool

    A E Newbie

      Hey everyone, I am hoping this email might stir some good conversation, I would love to hear what everyone else is doing in this space.


      I'm searching around to see if a particular tool exists, I can't seem to find one so I thought I would see what everyone else is doing.  I plan on posting this in a few of the open source projects around to get the best feedback.


      I am looking for a software tool which I will primarily use to audit, monitor and resubmit messages sent to a JMS message broker.  Ideally this tool has the following features:


      - Open Source with a good community

      - Web based console to view and search messages

      - Messages are persisted in a database (SQL/NoSQL)

      - Ability to add custom "Action" buttons so that you could easily write a plugin that "resubmits" a message back to a JMS queue/topic as well as write whatever else you need.   Would also need the ability to "edit" the message before resubmitting.

      - Ability to acknowledge/comment on failed messages

      - Support for displaying/viewing Java objects, (probably limits me to Java based tools...)

      - Have the ability to send email alerts based on user defined conditions

      - Graphing, statistics and reporting regarding how many messages we're sent to each queue/topic in 5 minute intervals grouped by topic/message type.

      - Does not need to have a JMS adaptor, as long as their is an API to get the data into the tool, i'm sure this would be easy to write/contribute.

      - Supports millions of messages/day

      - BAM style dashboard


      I would really like to have a tool like this to monitor/audit/log/replay messages in my JMS environment.  I see a lot of similarities with what I want in the tools like Zenoss/OpenNMS/syslog-ng/splunk etc.. as they all have "Eventing/Syslog" capabilities. 


      I would prefer to add/contribute to an existing project as opposed to building something custom myself...


      - What is everyone else out there doing for auditing and tracking of failed messages in your JMS environment?

      - Which open source tool do you think is the closest to what i'm looking for?