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    FuseSource rider web tooling

    A E Newbie

      I saw the message below on a different forum a while back from Claus Ibsen.   Does anyone know the state of the FuseSource rider web gui?   Is this a separate product from the camel web console? http://camel.apache.org/web-console.html   If so, any thoughts on combining rider and camel-web into one product?


      Claus wrote: "And we at FuseSource is working on a GUI tool for Camel. FuseSource Rider. The tool is 100% web based so you only need a web browser to use it.

      The tool allows you to visual browse the Camel routes using the EIP icons. The tool is also a designer tool so you can create new routes using it.

      Or modify existing etc. We also plan to include a debugger feature so you can debug Camel routes using the visual GUI. So you can add a breakpoint

      on an EIP pattern. Then have the tool stop when a message hit that breakpoint. Then you can view the message (alter it if you need) and then single step

      the message in the route to see how its being routed. The tool is going to be GA in Q1 2011. And we will post more details at the

      FuseSource (http://fusesource.com) website in the near future. "