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    Testing InOut route with a <to> in the middle...

    Richard Tomlinson Newbie

      I have a problem testing a route.   Its Spring wired in its own xml file with the actuals endpoints wired in another xml file and accessed through vm endpoints. The route is something like:


                ... etc the response I'm looking for...";



          public void shouldExcersiseRoute() throws Exception {



                      new Processor() {


                          public void process(Exchange exchange) {

                              exchange.getOut().setBody(new ByteArrayInputStream(resp





              Object body = new MessageContentsList(new DOMSource(getDocument(msg)));

              Object response = template.requestBody(body);


              assertEquals("...Assert the response is found...", response);




          private Document getDocument(String xml) throws Exception {

              DocumentBuilderFactory factory =



              InputSource source = new InputSource(new StringReader(xml));

              DocumentBuilder docBuilder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();

              Document doc = docBuilder.parse(source);

              return doc;




      I can see when debugging that the processor for the vm:restQuery is called but I never get a response from the .requestBody with the test eventually timing out.


      How does one go about testing a route where it interacts with other end points before sending the response?   Is my approach correct but I'm missing something on the interaction with vm:restQuery?