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    Out of memory : Permgen Issue

    Shamik Bandopadhyay Newbie



        I'm running into a java out of memory perm gen issue with my application. I've a SOAP endpoint which gets steady stream of request through out. I'm using the embedded jetty server with the connector Acceptors = 24 to restrict the concurrent request processing. The jetty threadpool is defined with 10 min and 100 max threads.


      Fuse gets started with 12GB memory  --> -Xmx12288m. After running for couple days, the service gets chocked up and throws "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" exception. During this period and subsequent time, the memory usage is 100% with high CPU usage as well. I'm yet to do a detailed profiling to see where the bottleneck is.


      But as a best practice, are there any standard tuning options available at configuration level ? I've noticed that a chunk of resource is being is being utilized by ActiveMQ and Quartz. Are they being used by fuse/servicemix internally , if not can I safely turn them off since I'm not using them in my app ?


      Any pointer will be appreciated.


      - Thanks