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    Import throws ClassNotFound Exception though the bundle installed in FUSE

    Sankar Vinnakota Newbie

      I am having issue with OSGI bundle deployed to FUSE 4.4.1 - 00-25


      Issue Description:

      1. Created my own Model classes(6 classes) - Initially only 3 classes are available in that package later I have added other 3 classes to implement new functionality. Everything is working fine when I have only 3 classes.

      2. I have imported those 3 new classes(added dependency in this bundle's pom.xml as well) in another OSGI bundle and created objects there. It is throwing ClassNotFound Exception.

      3. If I remove import statement of those 3 new classes & object creation, then everything is working fine.


      Everything is working fine when I tried in my local, but when I upload to server it is failing with ClassNotFound Exception.


      1. I have created bundle in my local and installed in server using

      install file:///path and name of my file

      2. I have uninstalled and installed again Model bundle to server, though new classes are not reflected. But my bundle contains all 6 class files. Is there any way to check the server whether new 3 classes reflected or not?

      3. Do we need to check any repository in server?


      You prompt help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.