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    Dynamic Consumers?

    jamie archibald Apprentice

      Does camel have a pattern for a dynamic consumer similar to the dynamic router?


      I'd like to create and remove consumers dynamically (at runtime) through some trigger such as a timer or event (such as a user interface).


      For example,


      private class DynamicConsumer {


         int i=0;


         // this will get called on each time event

         public static String[] getEndpoints() {

            if (i ==0) {

               // dont consume

               return null;

            } else if (i % 2 == 0) {

                return new String[] {"activemq:topic:ABC","activemq:topic:CDE"}

            } else {

                return new String[] {"activemq:topic:FGH" };







      .dynamicConsumer(bean(new DynamicConsumer())