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    Getting NPE while adding fragment as part of a feature in Servicemix 4.2

    harbeer kadian Newbie

      I am using Servicemix 4.2 to build my application. I have developed one fragment bundle which I have to attach with the Apache CXF bundle jar. To attach the fragment, I did following on the console osgi:uninstall (If Apache CXF bundle is already in active state) osgi:install


      Running command osgi:list shows the fragment bundle installed osgi:install osgi:start


      This works fine for me.


      I tried to automate the process by writing a custom features.xml file The content was as follows




      Here the ProcessRunnerJaasLoginModule is the fragment jar. The servicemix is not able to install the fragment bundle, it gives following error in logs


      Error when installing feature HWE-Connect: java.lang.NullPointerException


      The content of manifest.mf file for fragment bundle is as follows


      Manifest-Version: 1.0

      Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2

      Bundle-SymbolicName: ProcessRunnerJaasLoginModule

      Fragment-Host: org.apache.cxf.bundle;bundle-version=2.2.6

      Export-Package: com.altair.jaas.module


      I am not even able to get sources for servicemix-kernel. Most of the mirrors provided are dead now. Please reply.


      With Regards


      Harbeer kadian