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    Using regex on fuse esb

    Rogelio Sevilla Novice

      Hello everyone:


      I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but here it goes.


      I'm building a camel route which gets an html code and then, it applies a regular expression match to extract certain data.


      I know the regex works right when deployed as a simple java app. But i know that fuse ESB is a multi threaded enviroment so, there are more difficulties when using non thread safe code.


      To be honest, i'm not a multi-thread advanced coder, so I was wondering if anyone here has some advice on using regex on fuse esb. this is the method i'm using:




          private static final Pattern regex = Pattern.compile("link href='(.*)'");


          public String getUrls(@Body String htmlcode) {


              Matcher matcher =  regex.matcher(htmlcode);

              StringBuffer urls = new StringBuffer("");








              while (matcher.find()) {







              return urls.toString();





      What i want to get in here is a list of urls. Curiously, when i extract the url list, around 8 links from 150 are totally wrong. something like:











      I know my regex is fine because i'm executing this code every 5 minutes using a quartz component, and the next time the match is executed (on the exact same html code), the wrong urls are extracted correctly, and then, some others are now extracted incorrectly :-S .I thought the synchronized block would fix this, but not.


      I've been dealing with this problem for a couple of days without  success; does anyone has any experience  on fuse esb regex usage  that could shed some light on this??.


      thanks a lot in advance.


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