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    Documentation help

    Thiago Souza Newbie



             I'm trying to evaluate Fuse ESB but I'm getting a hard time trying to understand and apply it as a solution to my problems.


             I have knowledge on how Karaf and Camel works, but when I try to understand ServiceMix 4 (including NMR and JBI container) I see that documentation is scattered and outdated. Please, could someone indicate me a learning path for SMX4. I'm even considering paid consulting.



      Thiago Souza

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          Marcelo Jabali Newbie

          Hi Thiago,


          ServiceMix is a full open source implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus based on OSGi technology (osgi.org) and it supports multiple component models such as OSGi bundles, JBI artifacts, Spring Beans, Camel Routes, CXF and RESTful services, etc...

          It also has extensible management features based on metrics from JMX MBeans.

          More into the technical architecture ServiceMix employs a layered architecture where the core (runtime) is Karaf, which extends OSGi with powerful features for handling and managing bundles. The technology layer supports technologies that sits on top of the core to support your apps (JMS, JAX-WS, Camel, Spring, JBI).

          ServiceMix Core Features are the hot deployment support, dynamic configuration of services, Dynamic logging backend provided by Log4j, application provisioning through file-drop, Maven and remote download, Shell console administration, secure remote access via ssh and security framework based on JAAS.


          The documentation, tutorials and getting started guides are available here: http://fusesource.com/products/enterprise-servicemix/#documentation


          I hope this helps you to understand the ServiceMix positioning and some of its core capabilities. I'd also recommend you to take a look on the training options described here (http://fusesource.com/enterprise-support/virtual-training/) that could give you more info on how to work with ServiceMix (and Camel).


          If you decide to go on the Consulting route, there are some packages that could be helpful depending on the evaluation stage you are (http://fusesource.com/enterprise-support/consulting/).


          All the best,