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    Message Priority In 5.5.0-fuse-00-43

    Kevin Urciolo Newbie

      I am testing out message priority in 5.5.0-fuse-00-43.


      I have prioritization enabled, and a maxPageSize of 5000.  When I consume 230 messages with priorities 0-9, almost all of them are consumed in the correct priority.  However, the last 20 or so seem to start the priority consumption over again.  I thought increasing the maxPageSize would fix this problem.  However, it does not seem to make a difference.  Is this the expected behavior?


      Attached is a text file showing the consumption of messages.  The payload output is the priority number.  You can see at the end how the priorities start over again.


      An image attachment shows the JMX attributes of the queue with the messages.

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          garytully Novice

          Using a prefetch of 0 should help if the consumer is started before the producer. But note that priority is relative to the other messages queued on the destination. For the first message dispatch, even if it has priority 0, it will be dispatched immediately as it is the current highest priority.

          This is true both on the broker and on the consumer, but prefetch=0 removes the consumers prefetch batch.