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    The cxf camel does not work if packed in separate bundle

    anton lisovenko Newbie



      I have the camel route, which processes the cxf endpoint and makes some logics. This works ok, if packed in the single bundle. But we have other subprojects/bundles with camel routes, and all these bundles should communicate with each other. Thus the web service bundle should be able to route some commands to URIs, defined in other bundles.


      We tried to make the "main" bundle with camel.xml context file, where the main  contexts, and are build as fragments to the main one. the main camel context just injects them:


      <routeContextRef ref="ws-camel-route" />


      <routeContextRef ref="drf-thermo-context" />



      So, I thought, that when deployed all together, the web service will start and will be able to call other routes from other bundles.


      Everything is deployed without exceptions and all beans (for context and cxf endpoint) are loaded by Spring. But the web service is not available now (http://localhost:8181/cxf/thermo?wsdl answers "no service found").


      What is the reason for this? Why cxf endpoint works ok when deployed as single bundle and doesnot - if included to the other camel context from "parent" bundle?


      Any help appreciated!!