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    Dynamic discovery protocol Query

    Gnanaguru Sattanathan Novice



      I am about to cluster fuse esb.


      I am following the clustering guide.


      In that i can understand Dynamic Discovery protocol.


      Let us assume. I am having the following scenario.


      Machine1:FuseEsb1 & Machine2:FuseEsb2. Here both should act as clusters. FuseEsb1 is the main esb, if it fails it should move to the FuseEsb2. Such that using Dynamic Discovery protocol. I will declare the Discovery Agent in Transport Connector tag in the activeMQ broker settings xml file. that is



      . I am clear upto this.


      then i have to help the fuseEsb1 to point to this URI. For that i need to define

      discovery://(multicast://default)?initialReconnectDelay=100 in the FuseEsb1.


      Where should i define it?. In which XML file. Kindly help out. 


      Note: Even though if iam using Static, i know there is no need of defining the discovery agents. Anyhow how and where i am defining the uri for discovery in case of failure ?.


      Kindly help out.