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    Drools on Fuse ESB

    Rogelio Sevilla Novice

      Hello everyone:


      I want to use Drools on a POC I'm currently building. I noticed that fuse comes with a feature called servicemix-drools which is a jbi component if I'm not mistaken. But I've also found the drools osgi version on this page:




      I've a couple of questions, any help would be appreciated on any of these:


      1.-Would there be any difference/problem between using Drools as a jbi component or an osgi component?? (my application is deployed as an osgi, I'm wondering if using a jbi one is recommended or if i should try to install the OSGi one)


      2.-My main objective is to combine drools with camel, has anyone done this on fuse esb?? , any good reading you could recommend me??


      Thanks a lot in advance