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    CXF route throws org.xml.sax.SAXParseException

    Daryl Hoyt Newbie

      I have a very simple CXF bridge route that I am using to basically wiretap a SOAP call.  This works fine for dataFormat=MESSAGE, but when I use dataFormat=PAYLOAD, I get an error stating:


      org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix "xsi" for attribute "xsi:nil" associated with an element type "additionalListing" is not bound.


      When I move the "xsi" namespace into the "asd" tag, it works, but our SOAP clients don't generate it that way.  The original endpoints handle this fine without this route, but when I try to run it through this route with dataFormat=PAYLOAD, it blows up.  I am using 4.3.1-02-05. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




      public void configure() throws Exception


          from("cxf://" + listenerAddress + //

              "?portName=" + WS_SERVICE_PORT + //

              "&serviceName=" + WS_SERVICE_NAME + //

              "&wsdlURL=" + WS_WSDL + //

              "&dataFormat=MESSAGE") //


          .setProperty("MessageRequest", simple("${in.body}")) //


          .to("cxf://" + toWebServiceURL + //

              "?portName=" + WS_SERVICE_PORT + //

              "&serviceName=" + WS_SERVICE_NAME + //

              "&wsdlURL=" +WS_WSDL + //

              "&dataFormat=MESSAGE") //


          .setProperty("MessageResponse", simple("${in.body}")) //


          .setBody(property("MessageRequest")) //


          .inOnly() //


          .inOut() //